8th February 2019



School of Economics


Ustaz Mizi Wahid


Key Takeaways


Is depression a sign of one’s weak faith?

  • We might be where we are because of feelings of loss and being unloved.

  • No matter what you’re going through, Allah knows the pain you feel and the heavy weight on your chest that is crushing your hopes and dreams.

  • Whenever you’re faced with panic/anxiety attacks, breathe and make dhikr and make dua.

  • Even if you’re alone, there is still hope in Allah. In the midst of the darkness, even in your inability to ‘see’ God, it does not negate his existence.

  • You must keep believing that He knows your pain, and sometimes the assurance that He knows and understands is enough to keep you going.

  • He is the All-Knowing and the Most Informed, even if you feel that He has forgotten you, He remembers you - even if you only called out to Him once.

  • He wants to help you get out of your problems insha’Allah.

  • Islam does not require you to be superhuman; we have the permission to feel weak, vulnerable, and tired - even though we are believers. If you have less problems here, you’ll probably have more in the next life. Life is about endurance, and if it was perfect it would not be the dunya.


Faith is a Journey.

  • “No doubt, by the remembrance of Allah do hearts become peaceful.” This is Allah’s promise and His word; you must have faith that it will work. Do not give up or expect instant results.

  • “Never give up hope of Allah’s soothing mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah’s soothing mercy, except those who have 


A Test is Not Given to Destroy You

  • Pain has a purpose; God is not punishing you. He is making adjustments so that the 2nd half of your journey will be the best half of your journey. Tests are given so that you can learn weak areas and work harder on those areas.

  • Ways to overcome trials

    • ​Counselling, acupuncture, deep breathing exercises, exercise which releases endorphins.

    • Surround yourself with beauty and find the beauty that is already around you.

    • Increase your social network and foster healthy interpersonal relationships.

    • Find healthy outlets for stress reduction.

    • Engage in spiritual life.


How to Stop Overthinking

•    A person who overthinks probably has a big heart and cares too much about things that may not matter
•    People will always have something to say; others’ opinions have no weight or impact on your life
•    Overthinking is usually the result of anxiety
•    90% of the things you worry about will never happen, whether it is about your health or your loved ones
•    Your past has happened, leave all your baggage behind and travel lightly into the future


How to overcome dark thoughts

•    Allah promised that He will test us with fear and loss but He also promised that He will never burden a soul with a burden          more than what it can bear it will end, it is a phase
•    You must be strong for the time being
•    Nothing just happens, there is always a reason behind everything. all Allah’s reasons are good.
•    When there is something you have no control over, rely on tawakkul.
•    Allah loves those who surrender their affairs to Him. Allah is with the patient, and when Allah is with you, nothing can              defeat you.