15th March 2019



School of Economics


Ustaz Zulkarnain


Key Takeaways



  • "And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak." [Surah An Nisaa 4:28]

  • Travelling allows us to ask for concession (Rukhsah)

  • Exemption from the norm of religious obligations for specific circumstances in a form of flexibility


Jama' Prayers

  • Combination of 2 prayers by  performing them in 1 single timing

  • Taqdim= Zuhur + Asar/Magrib + Isyak during Zuhur/Magrib and vice versa for Takhir


Qasar Prayers

  • Shortening the 4 raka'at prayers to 2 Raka'at

  • Permitted duration: 4 days with no intention to reside, excluding his arrival and departure dates. If you do not know how long you are travelling: 18 days


conditions for Jama'

  • Taqdim

    • Orderliness

    • Express intent for Jama' in the first prayer

    • Both prayers have to be performed successively

    • One has to be travelling during the stipulated timing of the second prayer

  • Takhir​

    • Express intent(to combine the prayers and perform them during the second prayer) within the timing of first prayer

    • Be in the state of travelling during the timings of both prayers


Conditions for Qasar

  • 1) The travel is permissible in Islam 

  • Travel distance of no less than 89km

  • Express intent for Qasar during takbiratulihram

  • Does not follow behind an imam who is performing a complete prayer

  • For the 4 raka'at prayers and not performed on the basis of Qadha'

  • Done whilst travelling (if traveller has arrived at his destination, he is obliged to perform usual prayer)


Praying in a Moving Vehicle

  • Permitted to sit while praying if standing is not possible

  • Where there is ample space, face the Qiblah as much as possible

  • If always facing the Qiblah is unachievable,  one can face the Qiblah only during takbiratulihram

  • If all effort fails to determine the Qiblah, one can pray whilst facing the most precise direction intuitively



  • Non- halal certification restaurant could be an option if there is no halal restaurant

  • Enquire about ingredients used & request that non-halal products are not included in the preparation

  • Opt for seafood or vegan but it should not contain alcohol

  • Permissible to use utensils which are used for non-halal items provided that they are washed first (no colour, taste and smell)

  • Always begin with Bismillah