Singapore Management University Islamic Business and Finance Society (SMU IBFS) is a student-initiated effort with a vision to cultivate and promote the growing interest in the field of Islamic business, law, economics and other faculties of studies among the student population in SMU and other tertiary institutions within Singapore.

It aims to serve as a platform for students with an inquiring mind and common interest in the field of Islam and business studies to get together to explore the vast potential and possibilities in this area and subsequently form an appreciation and understanding of Islamic traditions pertaining to business and finance.

SMU IBFS has two segments. Ziyaad, which means ‘to increase’ in Arabic, is the business segment of the club. This segment will deal with issues directly related to Islamic commerce. On the other hand, Al-‘Imaad, meaning ‘the pillar’, deals with the core principles of Islamic finance that is Shari’ah. From the activities planned under these two segments, we hope to eventually achieve our objectives.

- Mission -

Imparting knowledge of Islamic finance and Shari’ah law to the community, while providing our members with the platform to explore opportunities

- Vision -

A leading society at the forefront of the Islamic business & finance industry in Singapore.